Trend: Victorian Ruffles

The epitome of class for women throughout 2016 has been that of the Victorian trend. From runways across the globe to gracing our wardrobes; Victorian pieces are more desired than ever. We believe part of that success is down to the intricate details that embellish these Victorian style garments. Layers, lace, embroidery and of course, ruffles. Ah yes, ruffles. There’s something about the motions of the ruffles while you walk that evoke strength, power and regale. We all like to feel a touch of glamour now and then and wearing... Read More


Trend: Metallics

“Let’s get glam.” – Christina Aguilera circa Bionic (2010) A big trend from Spring/Summer 16 continues into Autumn/ Winter 16 with metallics. Far from new, the metallic trend pays homage to the kitsch of the 80s with all sorts of high shine, sparkles and sequins. From polished or sophisticated to edgy or grungy takes, metallic looks are bringing out all of our inner magpies. The versatility of this trend is not to be overlooked. With today’s obsession sports luxe and fashion’s affinity for polished pieces, metallics are the perfect way... Read More


Trend: Men’s Denim

A dark unsullied denim is worth investing in for versatility, longevity and is considered essential for a reason. So much so, that denim purists will live and die by such statements. However, why deprive yourself of a whole world of denim? Besides, when did fashion ever concern itself with practicalities? These are the five denim trends to break from the norm and invest in for this season. Distressed      A denim purist’s nightmare; distressing is a popular trend this season. It is all about creating that lived in look,... Read More


Trend: Moustache

It is well documented that facial hair trends are just as cyclical as fashion and, after patiently lying in wait since the mid-eighties, the resurgence of the moustache is finally here. To those paying attention, it has actually been here for a while with men all over the world using Movember as an excuse to push their hairy lipped agendas without facing prosecution. I mean who is going to call your facial hair into question when it’s for a good cause? You’re a good person not daring to do something... Read More


Trend: Capes

With Halloween just around the corner it is the perfect time to embrace the season. Be that through fancy dress parties with the girls, a horror movie with “the boy” or even taking the kids trick or treating? Everyone is feeling that spooky spirit one way or another. Here at STYLEWORX we don’t necessarily believe you need to be a Harley Quinn or in a sexy cat costume to celebrate Halloween. You can be a bit smarter, a bit more fashion forward, in the next few days and beyond. With... Read More