Trend: Victorian Ruffles

The epitome of class for women throughout 2016 has been that of the Victorian trend. From runways across the globe to gracing our wardrobes; Victorian pieces are more desired than ever. We believe part of that success is down to the intricate details that embellish these Victorian style garments.

Layers, lace, embroidery and of course, ruffles. Ah yes, ruffles. There’s something about the motions of the ruffles while you walk that evoke strength, power and regale. We all like to feel a touch of glamour now and then and wearing ruffles is such a simple way to bring that into your everyday life.

Bring that low key opulence to your wardrobes. As the ruffles are the statement themselves it is best to keep the colours muted. This tip works for all Victorian inspired pieces as they key to pulling off the look is to create striking and detailed silhouettes.

Our range of Navy London pieces boast a variety of ruffles to suit different personal styles.


Perhaps the most classic of these would be the Brandy Ruffles Blouse which features layered ruffles purely on the arms to draw the eye but not distract from the rest of the garment.

A delicate and detailed ruffle can be found on the Carmen Lace Tops with embellishments adorning the shoulders and running down the chest. The cuffs are also ruffled making this particular piece stand out with Louisiana glamour.

Continuing with lace, the Ivy Blouse also employs ruffles on the arms with short yet wide sleeves.


Perhaps the most fun and free style of ruffle from navy London can be found on their Chica Ruffle Sleeve Knit. The wider ruffles and thicker material clearly draw inspiration from Spanish fashion; setting them apart from the British and American inspired Victorian pieces more commonly found.

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