Trend: Metallics

“Let’s get glam.” – Christina Aguilera circa Bionic (2010)

A big trend from Spring/Summer 16 continues into Autumn/ Winter 16 with metallics. Far from new, the metallic trend pays homage to the kitsch of the 80s with all sorts of high shine, sparkles and sequins. From polished or sophisticated to edgy or grungy takes, metallic looks are bringing out all of our inner magpies.

The versatility of this trend is not to be overlooked. With today’s obsession sports luxe and fashion’s affinity for polished pieces, metallics are the perfect way to fuse the two. It is way to effortlessly move from both daytime to evening. Tailored to look glam no matter the time.

Some may have reservations when adopting metallics into their wardrobe but I can assure there is nothing to fear. One of the best things about metallics is that it really is each to their own; that’s in thanks to the versatile glamour they bring. However, one major tip to keep in mind is that less really is more. Don’t go overboard on the shine and sparkle, tempting as it may be, but balance and pair with understated pieces from different styles and/ or fabrics. Play with contrasts and allow the metallics to be the statement of the ensemble.

An easy way to wear metallics is actually quite simple; pair with denim. If this sounds a bit too simple and you want to try something different, pair with more executive style pieces. Have fun and experiment and find seamless ways to adapt it into your personal sense of style. Don’t stress and remember fashion IS about fun and metallics represent this more than any other current trend in 2016.

Get into it.

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