Spotlight: Cockpit USA

In today’s society where our clothes often reflect our individuality, we should cherish the ability to stand apart from the crowd with the Cockpit USA collection. Cockpit’s passion is to preserve the heritage of American lifestyle and take pride in reminiscing about classic iconic eras of American fashion.



Cockpit is for the adventure seekers who are not bound by societies conventions. Y’know, a free thinker, an individual with power and confidence. Comfortable in the cockpit of a plane, boat or car, a Cockpit customer’s style is as personal as his diverse interest. Taking pride in the finest materials, authentic detail, perfect fits and a thoughtful, inspired design are all characteristics of who Cockpit USA cater to.


Cockpit’s collections focus on authentic materials and hardy construction drawn from the historical archive of American military apparel.


The current suppliers to the US Government since 1980. Official Supplier to the US Air Force of the A-2 Leather Pilot Jacket. Largest production of quality Made In USA Outerwear. And now part of the STYLEWORX family.


We are now proud suppliers of this prestigious brand. Cockpit’s timeless style in their collection of jackets are a worthwhile lifelong investment for every man who believes in the brand’s values. Plus, it’s the perfect way to adopt military fashion without having to endure an actual war.

Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes all it takes is a piece from Cockpit USA.

You can shop Cockpit’s collection of jackets here.

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