A Life Well Styled… If You Were A Billionaire!

The sky’s the limit… well, unless you’re a Billionaire! We have put together all the things only a billionaire will have or can acquire with the click of a button or the snap of a finger if they so wanted to. Because let’s be honest, who else buys armour for their guinea pig? But first it all starts with a roof over your head…

1. Trap door wine cellar – Now only your billionaires dream home has a trap door underground hidden wine cellar


2. Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 – Only in your amazing underground wine cellar would you find this $500,000 wine.


3. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – So wine isn’t your drink. May be you’re a bubbles person. This cognac fit for a king (hence the name) has been aged for 100 years, dipped in 24 carat gold and sterling platinum containing 6,500 diamonds… oh, and it will cost you $2,000,000.


4. Tequila Ley.925 $3,500,000 – Not classy enough for you? How about this $3,500,000 bottle of tequila equipped with 6,400 diamonds. This tequila has a unique production process in the sense that it was distilled specially for the severely glam!


5. Gläce Luxury Ice Co – That’s right! luxury ice cubes for your out of this world alcohol! They are hand crafted, perfectly square and completely clear. You will get 50 in a bag and will set you back $325… But what’s $325 when you’re sipping $3,500,000 tequila?


6. Having your own town – Now, where does one put their dream house? Perhaps you make your own town just the way you like it? While you are at it, why not focus it around you by building a museum of yourself at the heart?


7. Buy an Island – Maybe a town just isn’t enough… you need your own private island! This will cost you only £10 – £45 million. Pennies right? Richard Branson is the owner of a 74 acre island in the British Virgin Islands.


8. Holiday homes – Houses for every time of the year in all your dream places to escape to, even if it is just for a week or two.


9. Your own golf course – If you have a dream house built or your own island, I bet you have plenty of space in that back garden – why not have your own 18 holes to stroll round.


10. Out with buggies in with the hovercraft – We don’t drive we glide. Get the $58,000 hovercraft from hammacher.com that can glide over the sand traps and water hazards with no trouble at all.


11. Own a sports team – Maybe golf isn’t your sport. Remember that boy hood club you supported and always thought you knew best for them – why not own them and play real life football manager


12. Become a collector – Sports just is not you. Collect multi million pound items instead from cars to movie collectables.


13. Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero – Collecting cars are you? Start here. Built in 2004 and costing £8,000,000 this A to B box unlike most cars has actually appreciated in price to £10,000,000


14. Super Yachts – Cars just don’t do it for you? Join Billionaire Roman Abramovich on his £1 billion super yacht complete with 11 guest cabins, 2 swimming pools, 2 helipads, and aquarium and oh… a mini submarine.


15. Helicopters and Jets – travelling on land to slow for you? The sea is no better? That’s okay because you have your own helicopters and jets to get around from holiday home to holiday home.


16. Treat your pets – Now you have a lovely roof (or 10) over your head, its time to look after your four legged friends. Lori Gardiner’s diamond bathtub for puppies encrusted with 45000 Swarowski crystals costing $39,000.


17. Diamond Dog Collar – For just $3.2million you can make your dog the hottest on the block with a 1600 diamond collar piece.


18. Guinea pig armour – Speaking of looking out for your pets. Send you Guinea pig to war (not literally)! The final bid for a complete Suit of Armour for your guinea pig was a stunning $24,300.


19. Hermes Birkin Handbag – It is definitely not a bag you want to put your dog in. This $1.9 million bag may be small in size but it features an amazing 2000 diamonds.


20. Million Dollar Perfume – Only the best for your bag. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle. Bet you can’t guess how much it is? That’s right, 1 Million dollars. It contains 3000 precious stones arranged to the shape of New York City skyline.


21. iPhone – This is not your normal iPhone… Coming in at $16,764,000, the phone is made from 24-carat gold, 26-carat black diamond and 600 precious stones. Perfect for your bag.


22. Time piece – Breguet grande complication Marie-Antoinette. Work on the watch began in 1782 by Abraham-Louis Breguet and was finished in 1827 by his son, 4 years after his death. Priced at $30,000,000 it is encased in gold, displaying the intricate mechanism running it. Sapphire was used to lower the friction within the piece.


23. Martian Rock – Is all of this a little bit… normal? Get something a little out of this world! You can buy Mars for $450,000! Well, a bit of Mars that is. There are over 60,000 meteorite specimens known to scientists but only 132 of them come from Mars, which is why getting Martian rocks is not a cheap purchase.


24. Virgin Galactic -Get that little bit closer to your new Martian rock with Virgin Galactic. The flight will now cost you $250,000 per person where you will literally fly out of this world and be one of around 1000 people to have done so.


25. I want to go home, I want to go home, I … can’t say it again – Tired of space travel now? well tap your heels together 3 times with Harry Winston Ruby Slippers. The world’s most expensive shoes at $3,000,000 equipped with 1350 carats, 4600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds.


26. Gold Monopoly – And you can do all this in time for the family Christmas Monopoly game on your 28 carat gold and jewel encrusted monopoly board costing $2,000,000.

Sounds good doesn’t it!? And all in a days work too but instead of all this there is one other thing you could do…


27. GIVE BIG – Bill Gates along with many other Billionaires either have their on charities or regularly donate to some. In 1999 Bill decided to give his charity a little kick of oh… only $5 billion.

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