November 2016


Interview: Nas Abraham

With a sense of style that has gotten him noticed by the likes of Vogue, GQ and Hypebeast, there is a lot more to Nas Abraham than his show stopping style. With a degree from the London College of Fashion in Fashion Illustration, Nas markets himself as a Multi-Media Visual Artist and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Having worked with the likes of Hackett, UNIQLO, All Saints and many more, Nas has showcased his creativity with much more to come.   Your personal style... Read More


Essentials: Denim

Denim can be a tricky buy and finding the perfect jean is still a task that eludes many. With it being such an essential piece for anyone’s wardrobe it is also just as essential that you know exactly how and what to invest in. I’ve put together a guide to help you find that pair of jeans to see you through for many a year to come. The price of denim can wildly range so first things first – set yourself a budget. This will dictate whether you are looking... Read More


History: Denim

It’s hard to imagine a time where the blue jean did not reign supreme, yet denim is a relative newcomer to the world of textiles.   While clear historical records indicate that cotton has been grown,spun and woven for well over 3,000 years, denim’s history is far more recent and shrouded in mystery. Believed to originate in Europe, more specifically France and Italy, the first depiction of blue jeans has been found by historians in 17th century Italian paintings. Interestingly, these historical resources suggest that from its conception denim has... Read More


Trend: Men’s Denim

A dark unsullied denim is worth investing in for versatility, longevity and is considered essential for a reason. So much so, that denim purists will live and die by such statements. However, why deprive yourself of a whole world of denim? Besides, when did fashion ever concern itself with practicalities? These are the five denim trends to break from the norm and invest in for this season. Distressed      A denim purist’s nightmare; distressing is a popular trend this season. It is all about creating that lived in look,... Read More


Guide: Moustache Grooming

It’s all well and good being aware that the moustache is the current trend but don’t shave off that dusty old beard just yet. A moustache takes time to tame and needs care and attention to ensure it looks it looks fierce. Tasha Fierce. So I’m here to help you achieve your maximum tache potential in just a few easy steps. Before growing and grooming your moustache, it is crucial to take into account your face shape when choosing a moustache style. Not everyone can pull of a box car... Read More


Trend: Moustache

It is well documented that facial hair trends are just as cyclical as fashion and, after patiently lying in wait since the mid-eighties, the resurgence of the moustache is finally here. To those paying attention, it has actually been here for a while with men all over the world using Movember as an excuse to push their hairy lipped agendas without facing prosecution. I mean who is going to call your facial hair into question when it’s for a good cause? You’re a good person not daring to do something... Read More


What To Wear: Dog Walking

It is that time of year again when dog owners across the nation wish that their beloved pups were toilet trained. Why? Well, you try walking a dog in these less than desirable weather conditions. Alas our love for our canine companions transcends that of the love for anyone, or thing, in the world and we WILL take you for a walk come rain… or that rare shine. So! It is only appropriate that we ensure that we are dressed, and styled, for this daily routine.   Footwear is obviously... Read More